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The Hard Knocks of School

Choosing The Right School

Choosing the Right School for Your Kid. My wife and I were both homeschooled from K through 12th. Combine that experience with our already "crunchy" lifestyle and we were pretty well decided that homeschooling our own kids would be the best option. However, the last 48 hours have challenged everything I thought I knew about this and have quickly thrust us into a short notice search of choosing the right school for our oldest son. For the past few months since we moved to central Oregon, I have been the primary parent while my wife is the...

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Does Love Require Generosity?

love and generosity

I often spend my coffee break in the morning checking the trending videos on YouTube to distract me from the weight of the day ahead. This morning a title caught my eye, "Why Love requires Generosity". It didn't draw me in because it is a new concept but more because I was surprised to see it there among new hit music videos, epic Go-Pro footage, and YouTube celebrity vlogs. We seem to have a distanced fascination with the concept of love, so why is it trending? I think it's because they tap into something in the...

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