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We Have The Same Story

we have the same story

The more men I speak with the more I hear the same story over and over. I listen to men speak about a distant or absent father who never welcomed them in to manhood and as such find themselves wandering through life asking the question, "Am I a man yet?". They may have heard that answered by a mother or a wife but it simply doesn't carry the weight that it would if it came from their father. We have so many men with similar life experiences around us and yet we still try to...

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We Can’t Do It Alone

It's easy to be the lone stag. There's no one to tell us what to do, no one to be accountable to and no one to call you on your ish. It's easy to get away with those little lies and half-truths. The best part about being a "lone stag" is that you don't have to let anyone in so no one gets to see how hard it really is to keep up the act. You don't need help. The truth is far from it. There is a great importance in having other men in your life....

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