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Dad’s Are Not Babysitters

dad and child

I'll pick up the megaphone once again: We don't "babysit" our kids, we raise them. It's far to typical a response from men who haven't fully taken a hold of what being a father means. They are still trying to live a single life (or at least childless) life and passing off the day-to-day raising of the kids to their wife. Not only is this not fair to their wife, it's not fair to their kids! I hear it all time, "Sorry, I can't hang out tonight, I have to babysit the kids". How do we think it...

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A Cereal Changed My Life

We should all strive to respond as well as this dad. You can see the thought process in his head, "I'm getting ready for a shift I don't want to work but have to and my son is out of bed when he should be sleeping". There is a moment of frustration, his kid jumps at the tone and replies with hesitancy explaining that he just wants to eat breakfast with him. Freeze frame. How many times do we lash out with frustration in this situation and send our kid back to bed? How many times do we...

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The Best Things About Being A Dad

Being a dad rocks. Ever since I was a little boy I dreamed of being a dad. I looked forward to the day when I could be there for my children and share with them some of the experiences I enjoyed while I was young. I wanted to take my sons fishing and dance with my daughters in the living room. I wanted to teach my sons how to protect and and respect the women around them and grow in my daughters a a love for who they are. Now as a dad of a 3...

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A Dad’s Role In Childbirth and Pregnancy


Your job wasn't over at conception. With a new child on the way I always find myself watching the debate on childbirth unfold around me. Child birth can be amazing (as it was with our daughters birth) but it can also be emotionally destructive (as it was with out sons birth) depending on the outcome. The post-partum emotions can range from complete elation to regret and severe depression (and many more in between). There seems to be a fine line between PPD (Post-Partum Depression) and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and although it's primarily felt by the...

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The Dad Life: Meet Jason

**Over the next couple of months** I will be conducting interviews with several dads from many different walks of life that seem to be doing it right. This week I had a chance to ask some questions with pastor, kayak angler and all-around Texan, Jason Huffman. ![jason and the family](/content/images/2015/02/jason-huffman-interview-01.JPG) ###My name is Jason Huffman. I have been married to my wife, Cindy for seven years. She was a single mother of a six year old when we married. I adopted her daughter, Peyton, two years after our wedding, then we had our own son, Justus, two years...

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