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Does Love Require Generosity?

love and generosity

I often spend my coffee break in the morning checking the trending videos on YouTube to distract me from the weight of the day ahead. This morning a title caught my eye, "Why Love requires Generosity". It didn't draw me in because it is a new concept but more because I was surprised to see it there among new hit music videos, epic Go-Pro footage, and YouTube celebrity vlogs. We seem to have a distanced fascination with the concept of love, so why is it trending? I think it's because they tap into something in the...

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I Won’t Be Silent: A Fathers Response to Rape and Injustice


I can’t always be there to protect her.

I’ve spent this week trying to find the words to express my anger towards the ruling of the courts on the rape conviction of 20 year old Brock Turner and the events that have surrounded the case. What he has done will follow him for the rest of his life but it pales in comparison to the torment she will have to live with. Knowing a significant number of women who are rape/sexual assault survivors I have seen the weight of these actions decades later and the impact they make on marriages, families and the victims own self worth. It disgusts me that the rape took place in the first place but his excuses and shifting the blame were enough silence my typical quick rebuttal to the buzz around it all. This means more to me than something I can quickly tweet and wash my hands of. I needed to process this. 

A Boy And His Feels

Boy on a tablet

We can always use a reminder to pay attention to the words we are using with our children. To this day I have a VERY hard time connecting with my emotions not necessarily because I got the "suck it up" talk from my dad but because I learned from the other boys at school that any sign of them would paint me the target. I learned to stuff my emotions quickly. I learned how to hold back the tears when I felt them coming. No room for weakness. This isn't okay. It's one thing to have...

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