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Marriage Through The Hard Times

What do you do when your marriage is crumbling? We've all seen the broken husband, the overbearing wife, the demanding father, the perfectionist mother and the bickering couple. We can see the tangible effect of a breaking marriage on the faces of every child who has to go through it. We may hear here is hope for the couples who struggle through the hard times but what can we do to keep afloat? We come from different backgrounds, grew up with differing family dynamics and all have our own emotional "baggage" that is brought in to...

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Pillars of a Healthy Marriage


How do you fight off the "7 year itch"? My wife and I are coming up on 8 years of marriage this May. In that time we've seen friends married, divorced, married again, widowed and a few who who have vowed it off all together. Though 8 years may not be long for some it is just past the national average for marriages that end in divorce. That's a staggering thought: If a marriage is going to end in divorce, on average it is falling apart right now. Thinking about that drives me to pursue my...

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Marriage: Take Your Time

To the single/newly married: I can't stress the importance of that first year enough. It's a time to get to know each other all over again, to develop healthy marital boundaries and to figure out what it means for two individual personalities to become one. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is fill your first year of marriage with constant social activity. Take it slow. Spend every moment you can with your spouse while you have the chance. Life gets busy and before you know it there's more than just the two of you...

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