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Our Children’s Feelings Matter


Our 2 year old daughter started sleeping through the the week before our son was born.

We knew there would be some reversion in her and our 4 year old son but didn’t really see it until the last week or so. She’s been getting up in the middle of the night wanting to cuddle and play so I pick her up, cuddle with her in the chair for a bit then put her back to bed. This morning when I did that she had a really hard time with me leaving the room so I ended up comforting her and crawling in to her pretty princess bed and dozing off for the 30 minutes I had left until my alarm went off.

It’s moments like this that are so easy to get frustrated with. I have a few minutes of sleep left until I have to get up for work and all I want to do is stay in bed but I know that the kids are dealing with their own feelings and emotions as we transition in to a family of 5. Its easy to tell them to suck it up, that there isn’t anything wrong but it is so important that we respond with an understanding and compassionate heart. They need to know they are safe and that the things they are feeling matter to us.

Did you deal with children reverting back on things like potty training or sleeping through the night? Join us in the conversation on the Redeeming Fatherhood facebook group!

Sean Leacy

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