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Faith: When The Calling Doesn’t Make Sense

###I just moved my family across the country with no guarantee of a job.

[Earlier I wrote about]( God calling us to move from our comfortable life in East Texas to the great unknown of the Pacific Northwest. Living in East Texas we felt God was calling us in to more of a full-time role as worship pastors and were seeing great fruit from personal ministries. Shortly after our son was born we felt our roots beginning to pull up with no clear understanding of why so years later when we heard “the call” to pack everything we could and move to Washington we didn’t really know how to take it. We loved where we were living and were going to miss the friends and (adopted) family we developed down there. Moving also meant leaving behind the place where my wife and I met, where we got married, where we had our children. This was *our life* and the big “blank” ahead of us was terrifying.

>”We aren’t called to fill in the details, we are called to obey.”

I’m glad we aren’t asked to “walk by sight”, I’m not sure any of us would move a step. I applied for jobs all over the Puget Sound but nothing was coming through. We looked at houses all over the place but everything seems well out of our price range. We weren’t going to be able to find a church without a place to live and without a job we didn’t know where to look. Then I heard the most terrifying questions I’ve heard in a long while, “What if I asked you to move without finding a job first? Would you still go?” My immediate answer was, “Yes Lord, but don’t…”. We sold our second car, rented a 6×12 U-Haul trailer, filled it with everything we could fit and hit the road. **When the only options available are to either obey or disobey God’s calling it leaves you with a pretty easy choice.** Only about 1/3 of our life fit in that trailer, the rest was left behind.


*We aren’t called to fill in the details, we are called to obey.* We moved in with my dad and step mom for a month before I was able to get a job and a house to rent. God has called us in a city we didn’t want to move to, a church that wasn’t what we were looking for and a job that wasn’t even in my top 10… and it is wonderful. Our house is *way* larger than we were looking for and gives us a massive amount of space to entertain and bless others with. Our church is incredibly welcoming and actually *desires* to see the next generation step up and take the reins and my job gives me an incredible amount of flexibility and growth potential. God knows what He’s doing and some times it’s better if He *doesn’t* reveal all the details up front.


We still don’t know why we are living here. He’s given us a few hints at what’s in store but no where near the big picture. All we’ve been asked to to is obey so there isn’t much else to do than follow Him and see where this roller coaster goes next.

###What has been the largest leap of faith you’ve had to make? What was the outcome?

###Who else is taking the 28 Day Challenge?

Near the end of January 2015 I felt the need to challenge myself (and others) with writing a new blog post every day for the month of February. I *need* to write for sanity’s sake and usually work better when I challenge myself. The rules are simple: write a new post to your blog every day before 10am PST. The post needs to have at least 2 paragraphs. We are going for quantity, not quality. If you join in post a link to the others who are joining in this challenge to help build exposure. This is all about helping build the discipline of daily writing.

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