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Fatherhood: Baby Wearing

###It’s as ancient as childbearing itself.

There is something **magical** about the feeling of your child cuddled up against your chest. On a scientific level your body is producing oxytocin, on an emotional level you are getting some much needed bonding time with your children. There are so many studies out there showing the benefits of “wearing” your children; it helps momma heal postpartum, balances hormones, regulates metabolism and promotes a feeling of calm and trust. Mamma’s *need* to have that “skin to skin” but daddie’s do as well.


I didn’t buy in to the “babywearing daddies” concept until my son was almost a year old. I look back now and realize it was pride and a lack of self-confidence that kept me from doing it and wish that I could go back and do it over. I **love** wearing my children. There is a closeness and bonding that happens in that time that you just can’t get any other way. When my children are fussy they go in the ring sling and calm almost immediately; **it’s like some sort of wizardry.** I also gain the advantage of being able to use both of my hands while the kids are wrapped up on my back or chest. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve made dinner, cleaned house or worked in the garage with a child wrapped up close. Last night I finished sanding our new desk (post to come) while my daughter was in the sling, she was quiet and fascinated with what I was doing.


As my son has gotten larger I’ve found it easier to use a SSC (soft structure carrier) like our Ergo when we are going to be out for a while. In the image above I was taking him out in to the woods to check my game camera (image caught on the same game camera) and have some father-son bonding time. As soon as we walked up to the camera we spooked a pack of hogs so I had to draw my side-arm in case they charged us (which is a VERY real situation in the south). Luckily they all ran off but I felt a confidence in that moment that I’m not sure I would have had if I was worrying about him being on the ground. Yes, discharging my weapon right then would not have been a good situation for his little ears but was a risk I was willing to take when balancing it against the potential of serious bodily harm.


I write this post to say this: Babywearing is not “*just for momma’s*”. Baby wearing is *not* emasculating, **in fact there is something *wonderfully* masculine about a husband confidently wearing his children.** This has even gone to the extreme in some places where women drool over attractive men wearing babies in the same way a man would look at a swimsuit catalog. It’s not right. It’s not okay. Lust is lust. That said, it *is* attractive to a woman to see her husband fathering and nurturing their children. Gone are the days where it is socially acceptable for dads to be a paycheck. We need to step up and become involved in our children’s lives and in those early years there are few better ways than to have them close to you.

###Do you “babywear”? What are some of your favorite wraps/slings/carriers?

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