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Fatherhood: Fishing

###I grew up on the water.

Some of my favorite memories as a kid (heck, as an adult as well!) involve fishing. I remember going out the lake with my dad and grandpa, piling in to his little Livingston and fishing all morning. I annoyed the snot out of them with my constant chatter but over time they taught me how to be still and enjoy the chance to be quiet with my thoughts. I learned that the lives of animals were to be respected; we didn’t catch for sport, we caught for food. The philosophy of conservation has helped shape my views on life and our balance with nature. Even though we rarely caught fish they were developing in me a passion to be out in the wilderness.

![My father, myself and my grandfather circa 1986](/content/images/2015/02/dad-me-grandpa-fishing.jpg “caption=”My father, myself and my grandfather circa 1986)

I now carry on this tradition with my son (3). He LOVES to be out in the kayak with me fishing all morning (okay, maybe not *all* morning. He lasts about 2 hours max). It is a special treat to load up early and drive out to the lake. Like my dad and grandpa experienced we rarely catch anything and he wants to constantly talk about the things he is seeing but I’ve learned to go out there with the expectation that **the trip is all about time with my son**. I go out there not to catch fish but to enjoy the one-on-one time with him, teaching him what it means to respect life and how we are responsible for conserving the beautiful wilds around us.

![my son and I fishing in the kayak](/content/images/2015/02/fynn-and-i-kayak-2.jpg “caption=”My son and I fishing in the kayak)

Fishing is not all about father-son time (though it *is* great for that), it’s a family event. I hope that my daughter (1) enjoys fishing as much as her brother does. When my wife was pregnant with our first we used to go out every Saturday night and fish for catfish at the camp I worked with. The shoreline was hot, muggy and the mosquito’s were horrible (good ol’ Texas summers) but it was an excellent opportunity to talk through our preparation for being parents and enjoy each others company. I got to share a part of who I am with her in those evenings. I shared with her the stories of going to Alaska for 3 weeks in high school with my grandparents and bringing a 60+lb King Salmon up to the boat only to lose it at the last minute because I had locked our net away. I described the ridicule I went through in school because I preferred to be alone on the shoreline rather than trying to make new friends. These life experiences have shaped me in to the man I am today and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

![heather and her catfish](/content/images/2015/02/heather-and-catfish.jpg “caption=”My beautiful wife 7 months pregnant with a 5lb catfish)

**Take your kids out fishing.** If you’ve never done it yourself it can be an excellent opportunity to learn a new skill together.

###What are some of your favorite fishing memories?

###Who else is taking the 28 Day Challenge?

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