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Fatherhood: Snuggles, Stories and Quality Time

###Story time is one of my favorite times of the day.

At some point in time I obtained the unspoken task of putting my son to bed each night. **This is not a complaint**. I get an average of 3 hours a day to spend with my kids and try to make the most of that time. Our typical routine is to start getting him ready around 7:30 so we can be in his room by 8. Most nights we spend the first 15-20 minutes cleaning up toys, rough housing, making more noise than we are supposed to and trying to figure out which books to read. Once everything is ready we sit down and start the first of two books. Then the best part of my night gets to happen: my son cuddles up under my arm and reads along with me.

![my daughter and I cuddling in the park](/content/images/2015/02/ellie-and-i-2.jpg)

My big, tough daddy heart melts when my kids snuggle up with me. It doesn’t matter what has happened that day or what kind of a mood I am in I am *immediately* broken. We need that. Often. We *need* to be put in out place by our children from time to time. **Our family takes priority** over all the junk we have to deal with at the office. They are more important than the deadlines that are looming over your head. We need to learn to pause all of that noise when we get home so we can enjoy the brief moments we have with our kids. I am not the shining example of this but am [striving to be more engaged]( as I focus more of my attention to my wife and kids.

I find it so easy to walk through the door, set my gear down, kiss my wife and kids and then get sucked in to things that take me away from them. As a small business owner I am always “on the clock” with clients and have had to work hard balancing that with time investing in my family. I’ve had many LONG nights over the past year trying to wrap up projects in to the wee hours of the morning but that doesn’t negate the responsibilities I have as a husband and a father. We have a great calling on our lives and need to live it out without excuses. It’s may be a struggle to keep up with it all but the quality time spent with your family will be some of the most meaningful time you will spend.

###Are you spending quality time with your kids on a regular basis?

###Who else is taking the 28 Day Challenge?

Near the end of January 2015 I felt the need to challenge myself (and others) with writing a new blog post every day for the month of February. I *need* to write for sanity’s sake and usually work better when I challenge myself. The rules are simple: write a new post to your blog every day before 10am PST. The post needs to have at least 2 paragraphs. We are going for quantity, not quality. If you join in post a link to the others who are joining in this challenge to help build exposure. This is all about helping build the discipline of daily writing.

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