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Making Time For Yourself To Be A Better Father


We all want to be better fathers and husbands.

Unfortunately, we live in the most time-poor era of human existence with the world constantly pulling us in every direction while outside demands for our time only grow. We feel an obligation to provide for our families. However, most of us grew up learning to provide a paycheck, when what we really need to provide is love and quality time. That’s a tall order when we only have a few hours before and after work, along with over-scheduled weekends, to be present with our families.

The stress of squeezing everything in can be overwhelming, and as Sean mentioned in A Boy And His Feels our generation of fathers is poorly equipped to handle the feelings that come with this stress. This makes it difficult for us to tap into the Spirit, and likely contributes to dad-bods we might want to improve, despite our acceptance. I know I struggle to keep my hands out of the cookie jar at work when I am stressed, and there is absolutely no room in my schedule for the gym. So what do I do? I set aside five focused minutes for myself each morning, and five more for God.

I start with daily reading from the Bible, and follow it up with my affirmations and intentions for the day. The Bible is the first thing I look at when I wake up which means sometimes I’m reading His word to an energetic or even upset toddler. I’ve found no matter how busy the morning is it’s the perfect way to ease into my day; focusing on what is most important instead of what is most urgent and reinforcing the habit of developing a daily relationship with God.

My wife started me on affirmations and intentions when the stress and demands of work began overwhelming me; I don’t know where I would be without her guidance. I created affirmation statements to keep me focused on my priorities and the person I want to be. Every morning I write, read, and visualize the answer to two questions: The first, how will you glorify God today? The second tends to rotate based on my current challenges balancing competing priorities and distractions.

These daily affirmations and intentions have brought focus back to developing myself in to the best husband, father and follower of God I can be. I find the help me prioritize my life instead of letting someone else prioritize it for me. I only budget 10 minutes a day for each practice and though it may not seem like much time the impact of establishing this habit is felt through the entire day. I see the effects

If you are interested in making this change for yourself, my wife and I are hosting a free 45-day affirmation challenge. We feel so passionately about the positive impact our morning routines have on our family and ourselves that we started Positive Mornings to help others improve themselves and their lives. Our next live challenge starts on June 20th. Click here to learn more about the challenge and to enroll.

How do you start your mornings? Do you have any good habits to share?

John Zugelder

John is husband, father, and writer. He and his wife are the creators of the free 45 Day Positive Mornings Challenge, and they currently live in Sydney, Australia with their toddler. You can also find them on their personal blog,