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Pursuing Your Wife: Woo Her

###Become a student of your wife.

Study her this week. How does she like her coffee/tea? What is her favorite type of chocolate bar? Does she like flowers? If so, what kind does she enjoy the most? Is there a chore she hates to do? What is a perfect relaxing evening for her? Where does she dream of traveling to? Is there a restaurant she has been dying to try but hasn’t had the nerve to do it because of cost? We should be *constantly* listening to her with a mental “notepad” out waiting to jot down everything she says. After a week commit those items to memory and begin planning ways to introduce them in to your routine. Yes, I said it… routine.

I’m not saying, “*every second Tuesday of the month buy her flowers*”. Wooing your wife can’t be mechanical, it needs to come from a desire to serve and bless her. Instead of scheduling a specific day of the month to buy her flowers make it a challenge to yourself, “I need to buy her 1 bouquet of flowers, 4 chocolate bars and take over cleaning the house twice this month”. It becomes an endless game for you to find ways to bless her without it being predictable. I take great joy in sneaking flowers or chocolate in to the normal grocery shopping/errands. I love seeing the expression on her face when I slide them in front of her.

![My wife and I in the cascade mountain range](/content/images/2015/02/christmas-tree-hunting-2.jpg “caption=”My wife and I in the Cascade Mountain Range in WA getting our Christmas tree)

In the season we are in right now (her needs *will* change as your seasons do) I know my wife would *much* rather soak in a tub while I take care of dinner and the kids than receive a box of chocolates or flowers. I make a plan to bless her and then listen to her needs to try and figure out what will make the biggest impact. Some days a bouquet of flowers are exactly what she is looking for whereas other days it’s taking an hour or two after the kids go to bed to sit by the fireplace and talk through the day together. Pay attention to her needs. [Pursue](, study and engage your wife. She is worth it.

###What are some other ways you can woo your wife?

###Who else is taking the 28 Day Challenge?

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