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Dad’s Are Not Babysitters

dad and child

I'll pick up the megaphone once again: We don't "babysit" our kids, we raise them. It's far to typical a response from men who haven't fully taken a hold of what being a father means. They are still trying to live a single life (or at least childless) life and passing off the day-to-day raising of the kids to their wife. Not only is this not fair to their wife, it's not fair to their kids! I hear it all time, "Sorry, I can't hang out tonight, I have to babysit the kids". How do we think it...

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Fatherhood: Fishing

###I grew up on the water. Some of my favorite memories as a kid (heck, as an adult as well!) involve fishing. I remember going out the lake with my dad and grandpa, piling in to his little Livingston and fishing all morning. I annoyed the snot out of them with my constant chatter but over time they taught me how to be still and enjoy the chance to be quiet with my thoughts. I learned that the lives of animals were to be respected; we didn't catch for sport, we caught for food. The philosophy...

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