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I Won’t Be Silent: A Fathers Response to Rape and Injustice


I can’t always be there to protect her.

I’ve spent this week trying to find the words to express my anger towards the ruling of the courts on the rape conviction of 20 year old Brock Turner and the events that have surrounded the case. What he has done will follow him for the rest of his life but it pales in comparison to the torment she will have to live with. Knowing a significant number of women who are rape/sexual assault survivors I have seen the weight of these actions decades later and the impact they make on marriages, families and the victims own self worth. It disgusts me that the rape took place in the first place but his excuses and shifting the blame were enough silence my typical quick rebuttal to the buzz around it all. This means more to me than something I can quickly tweet and wash my hands of. I needed to process this. 

Our Children’s Feelings Matter


Our 2 year old daughter started sleeping through the the week before our son was born. We knew there would be some reversion in her and our 4 year old son but didn't really see it until the last week or so. She's been getting up in the middle of the night wanting to cuddle and play so I pick her up, cuddle with her in the chair for a bit then put her back to bed. This morning when I did that she had a really hard time with me leaving the room so I...

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Obedience Starts With Me


I struggle with doing what I'm told. All I wanted this morning was to make a delicious breakfast sandwich to go so I could eat it in my office in peace without having to share it with the kids. I packed it in my lunch box and headed out the door for the office but as I got closer to my exit I felt God say, "There's a man at your exit who's hungry". He didn't say, "HEY SEAN! GIVE HIM YOUR SANDWICH!", He didn't change a road sign to signal my attention he just gave...

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