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The Nine To Five

We have 2-3 hours a day with our family. For many men it's inevitable. The world runs on a 9-5 schedule. For single guys and men without kids it works out pretty great. You get to sleep in a little, you get home early enough and you have the weekends off but as a dad I can't help but feel we are missing out on watching our children grow. There is always a nagging feeling that I'll turn in to that workaholic dad, that my kids will grow up despising me because I only see them 3...

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Survival Mode


Some times the best we can do is keep them alive. I won't sugar coat it: Parenting can be really hard at times. The little ones don't understand what it means that you didn't get enough sleep last night or have been stressed over work and finances. They can't relate to how you feel when your car won't start and your already 20 minutes late. Some times we go in to "survival mode" and all we can do is make sure they are safe and entertained. The play dates stop, the adventures outdoors are on hold and...

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The Dad Life: Meet Jason

**Over the next couple of months** I will be conducting interviews with several dads from many different walks of life that seem to be doing it right. This week I had a chance to ask some questions with pastor, kayak angler and all-around Texan, Jason Huffman. ![jason and the family](/content/images/2015/02/jason-huffman-interview-01.JPG) ###My name is Jason Huffman. I have been married to my wife, Cindy for seven years. She was a single mother of a six year old when we married. I adopted her daughter, Peyton, two years after our wedding, then we had our own son, Justus, two years...

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Fatherhood: Snuggles, Stories and Quality Time

###Story time is one of my favorite times of the day. At some point in time I obtained the unspoken task of putting my son to bed each night. **This is not a complaint**. I get an average of 3 hours a day to spend with my kids and try to make the most of that time. Our typical routine is to start getting him ready around 7:30 so we can be in his room by 8. Most nights we spend the first 15-20 minutes cleaning up toys, rough housing, making more noise than we are...

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Fatherhood: Include Your Children

###I like to do things by myself and that's not healthy. I grew up with the unhealthy mentality that I needed to prove myself to everyone. I had to show them that I didn't need help, that I could do life on my own and was perfectly happy with it (I wasn't). Counselors have told me it stems back to my parents going through a divorce at an age where I was needing to receive validation from my father (10). I'm not using that as an excuse as to why I still struggle with it but...

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