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Ladies Week

I ended yesterdays post mentioning an up-coming adventure. Here it is! Day two of my wife's birthday started off by letting my wife sleep in a little before rushing out to the car and hitting the road for the hour drive out to Northwest Trek Wildlife Park near Eatonville, WA. The drive from Gig Harbor was absolutely gorgeous once we got past Spanaway with plenty of rolling country roads and the constant feeling that any minute Mt. Rainier would pop up from behind a cloud. We enjoyed the chance to get out in the fresh air...

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Pursuing Your Wife: Valentines Day

###It's a big consumerist marketing mess. Really, it's just another day on the calendar but that doesn't mean my wife and I don't celebrate on February 14th. We treat the day as an opportunity to be intentional about "getting away" from our routine. I like to think of it as a special [date night]( **Traditionally we don't go out to dinner**; the mess of reservations and a crowded restaurant don't make for a peaceful evening when you are both introverts. We like to find a quiet place (typically our living room) where we can relax and...

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