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Pillars of a Healthy Marriage


How do you fight off the "7 year itch"? My wife and I are coming up on 8 years of marriage this May. In that time we've seen friends married, divorced, married again, widowed and a few who who have vowed it off all together. Though 8 years may not be long for some it is just past the national average for marriages that end in divorce. That's a staggering thought: If a marriage is going to end in divorce, on average it is falling apart right now. Thinking about that drives me to pursue my...

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Do We Work Hard?

I used to be a slacker. Before I began truly following Christ I had zero work ethic. I didn't want responsibilities, heck, I didn't want to get out of bed and even though I knew I had to go to work I had no motivation to do it. One of the first things God worked on in me after seeking Him was to get off my lazy butt and start making something of myself. I was no longer aloud to slack off and procrastinate because it wasn't just me that I was representing anymore, I reflected Him...

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Faith: When The Calling Doesn’t Make Sense

###I just moved my family across the country with no guarantee of a job. [Earlier I wrote about]( God calling us to move from our comfortable life in East Texas to the great unknown of the Pacific Northwest. Living in East Texas we felt God was calling us in to more of a full-time role as worship pastors and were seeing great fruit from personal ministries. Shortly after our son was born we felt our roots beginning to pull up with no clear understanding of why so years later when we heard "the call" to pack...

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Where Does My Strength Come From?

Where do we get our strength? I posted earlier this week about how caring for my family makes me strong. I need "a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue." as John Eldredge said in his book "Wild at Heart". I need to have that strength validated. I need to know that my wife feels fought for. I need to know that my children feel safe with daddy around. I need to know that this strength has a purpose. Caring for my family helps make me stronger but it is not...

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Dad Life: What Makes You Strong?

Yesterday I was asked a very interesting question on Twitter: @GeekAthair We couldn't agree more, Sean! How does caring for your family make you strong? #RealStrength — Dove Men+Care (@DoveMenCare) January 27, 2015 What a question! "How does caring for your family make you strong?" I had that question flowing through my head for a couple hours before I could come up with an answer. I remember reading a line in John Eldredge's book "Wild At Heart" (affiliate link) that stuck with me and helped identify some of the core to true masculinity: Deep in his heart, every man longs...

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