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A Dad’s Role In Childbirth and Pregnancy


Your job wasn't over at conception. With a new child on the way I always find myself watching the debate on childbirth unfold around me. Child birth can be amazing (as it was with our daughters birth) but it can also be emotionally destructive (as it was with out sons birth) depending on the outcome. The post-partum emotions can range from complete elation to regret and severe depression (and many more in between). There seems to be a fine line between PPD (Post-Partum Depression) and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and although it's primarily felt by the...

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Survival Mode


Some times the best we can do is keep them alive. I won't sugar coat it: Parenting can be really hard at times. The little ones don't understand what it means that you didn't get enough sleep last night or have been stressed over work and finances. They can't relate to how you feel when your car won't start and your already 20 minutes late. Some times we go in to "survival mode" and all we can do is make sure they are safe and entertained. The play dates stop, the adventures outdoors are on hold and...

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Pursuing Your Wife: Valentines Day

###It's a big consumerist marketing mess. Really, it's just another day on the calendar but that doesn't mean my wife and I don't celebrate on February 14th. We treat the day as an opportunity to be intentional about "getting away" from our routine. I like to think of it as a special [date night]( **Traditionally we don't go out to dinner**; the mess of reservations and a crowded restaurant don't make for a peaceful evening when you are both introverts. We like to find a quiet place (typically our living room) where we can relax and...

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The Dad Life: Meet Jason

**Over the next couple of months** I will be conducting interviews with several dads from many different walks of life that seem to be doing it right. This week I had a chance to ask some questions with pastor, kayak angler and all-around Texan, Jason Huffman. ![jason and the family](/content/images/2015/02/jason-huffman-interview-01.JPG) ###My name is Jason Huffman. I have been married to my wife, Cindy for seven years. She was a single mother of a six year old when we married. I adopted her daughter, Peyton, two years after our wedding, then we had our own son, Justus, two years...

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Pursuing Your Wife: Woo Her

###Become a student of your wife. Study her this week. How does she like her coffee/tea? What is her favorite type of chocolate bar? Does she like flowers? If so, what kind does she enjoy the most? Is there a chore she hates to do? What is a perfect relaxing evening for her? Where does she dream of traveling to? Is there a restaurant she has been dying to try but hasn't had the nerve to do it because of cost? We should be *constantly* listening to her with a mental "notepad" out waiting to jot...

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