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Pursuing Your Wife: Date Nights

###Pursue your wife. Though it may sound cliché we've all heard it before, "you never stop dating your wife". It's a phrase we typically hear on our wedding day or by old men in their 70's who are looking for a chance to share some of their sage wisdom with you. It’s one thing to hear it but it's another thing to live that out. We don’t stop pursuing our wives after the honeymoon, it's a life-long journey. I love [Webster's]( definition: > pur•sue - verb - *to follow and try to catch or capture (someone or...

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Real Masculinity: Being A Man

I get really fired up about being a man. There seems to be a lot of question out there as to what it actually *means* to be a man. Modern culture would tell you that you become a man when you get married, when you get your first career job, when you finally move out of your parents’ house, when you lose your virginity or some mixture of those and other life events. I believe that being a man has little to nothing to do with jobs, sex or housing. It has everything to do with...

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Why I’m Here

Here I go again. I always struggle to find a topic for the first post on a new blog. My interests are all over the place. Do I post about my love of the outdoors? My fascination with roasting coffee and brewing beer? My longing to create music? My desire to see husbands and fathers live out their God ordained calling to lead their families (you'll definitely read a lot about that here in the future)? How about some funny quip or a viral video? No. There will be plenty of time for those things. Let's keep...

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