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The Old Addiction

old man depressed

Last night I posted an article and referred to porn as "the old addiction". As fathers it is our job to be the example of masculinity to our children; this includes how we view and talk about women both in public and in private. Pornography is incredibly destructive and something you need to talk to your children about younger than you may imagine. I was 8 when I was first exposed and even though I ran to "tattle" on the other kids it stuck with me. By the time I got in to my teens...

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Are You On The Same Page?


Some of my favorite times are when my wife and I are siting on our bed talking through our dreams and desires. Getting to hear my beautiful bride talk about the conversations she's had with friends, the newest woven wrap that has caught her eye or the adorable/terrifying things our children have done throughout the day brings joy to my heart. I love hearing about the things that make her tick. That time where the kids are in bed and the cell phones are put aside are critical to a healthy marriage. It's in this intimate time...

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