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The Best Things About Being A Dad

Being a dad rocks. Ever since I was a little boy I dreamed of being a dad. I looked forward to the day when I could be there for my children and share with them some of the experiences I enjoyed while I was young. I wanted to take my sons fishing and dance with my daughters in the living room. I wanted to teach my sons how to protect and and respect the women around them and grow in my daughters a a love for who they are. Now as a dad of a 3...

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Survival Mode


Some times the best we can do is keep them alive. I won't sugar coat it: Parenting can be really hard at times. The little ones don't understand what it means that you didn't get enough sleep last night or have been stressed over work and finances. They can't relate to how you feel when your car won't start and your already 20 minutes late. Some times we go in to "survival mode" and all we can do is make sure they are safe and entertained. The play dates stop, the adventures outdoors are on hold and...

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Fatherhood: Baby Wearing

###It's as ancient as childbearing itself. There is something **magical** about the feeling of your child cuddled up against your chest. On a scientific level your body is producing oxytocin, on an emotional level you are getting some much needed bonding time with your children. There are so many studies out there showing the benefits of "wearing" your children; it helps momma heal postpartum, balances hormones, regulates metabolism and promotes a feeling of calm and trust. Mamma's *need* to have that "skin to skin" but daddie's do as well. ![](/content/images/2015/02/ellie-and-i.jpg) I didn't buy in to the "babywearing daddies"...

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