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Let Her Sleep!

softly lit bedroom

I have a battle going on inside and struggle to fight against it at times. I'm tired. All the time. Like many families I work during the day while my wife stays home with the kids. It's easy for me to entertain the thought that it's more important for me to get a solid 8 at night and let her get up with the kids, after all I could be fired for falling asleep at my desk! I've made a million excuses as to why I should be allowed to sleep but not a single one...

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Serving Your Wife Through Pregnancy

pregnant woman

After helping my wife through 4 very difficult pregnancies I've learned a few things that have help give her rest and provided me with a better outlook on what she has to go through (Hyperemesis Gravidarum is the real deal people). Though these are focused on the time surrounding pregnancy I'm sure there would be no complaints if they continued throughout your marriage! 1) Ask her what needs to be done around the house: I wouldn't classify myself as being overly observant when it comes to household needs. Dirty clothes on the floor, dishes in the sink, trash...

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Fatherhood Is A Joy, Not A Buzzkill

As I was going through my feeds this morning I ran across a video called "Daddy's Beer - Unexpected, but very exciting news!". The video is of a man finding out that he is going to become a father and is gaining views because of how he deals with the news: He's reaction is something we've all seen before and by itself isn't something I'd typically write about. What brought me to post this was how the same video was interpreted on the Cheezburger Network's Parenting feed: "This Guy is How Every Man ACTUALLY Feels When He's...

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Learning to Grieve Through A Miscarriage

We buried our son this weekend. His name was Shiloh and he never took his first breath, never saw our faces and never experienced the touch of our hands. We held his small frame in our hands in disbelief. We are both in good shape, we have two healthy children and live a clean lifestyle so how could this happen? Did something preventable cause this? Will it happen again? We aren't the first to ask these questions and we will not be the last. Whether it be 8 weeks in the womb or 40 years walking...

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