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The Best Things About Being A Dad

Being a dad rocks.

Ever since I was a little boy I dreamed of being a dad. I looked forward to the day when I could be there for my children and share with them some of the experiences I enjoyed while I was young. I wanted to take my sons fishing and dance with my daughters in the living room. I wanted to teach my sons how to protect and and respect the women around them and grow in my daughters a a love for who they are. Now as a dad of a 3 year old boy and a 1 year old girl (and one more on the way!) I get the joy to live these things out. Some of my favorite things about my life as a dad are:

That imagination!


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We encourage our kids to use their imagination and love hearing the stories they come up with. It’s a blast to be included in the stories and make up new ones together. Story’s at bed time.

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Being able to cuddle up with my kids and read through some of our favorite books is one of my favorite times of each day. I cherish it and made a vow to do everything I can to be there every night for it.

Cuddles while babywearing.

#BabyWearing the cure for the common “grumps”.

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Babywearing in and of itself is a wonderful thing but there is something so special about a child cuddling up with you and resting their head on your chest. If you haven’t ever “worn” your kids you need to! There is just nothing like it. Time in the outdoors as a family.

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We love to be outside! Adventuring through the woods, turning over rocks on the beach or going for a walk to the park brings so many opportunities to teach my kids about the world around us.

Finding what they enjoy.

We can encourage our children to enjoy certain things but it’s something all together different when grab a hold of a skill or hobby and make it their own. Watching my son’s desire to cook or take pictures with his camera is such a joy! Watching good character develop.

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We try so hard to build in to our children good manners and a respect for those around them so it’s something wonderful when you see it come out of them without being asked. I love hearing our son talk through the things he’s learned at church or what he and my wife were talking through while I was at work.

Sharing it all with my beautiful bride.

Dinner at the Tides while grandma and grandpa watch the kids. Nice to get a break tonight ☺ #datenight

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The dad life is great but it’s even better when you get to share it with someone as amazing as my wife is. She brings me balance and encourages me to be a better dad. I couldn’t imagine this life without her!

What are some of your favorite things about being a dad?

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