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Why I Embrace My “DadBod”, Sort Of

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I’ve never been a fitness buff. Where some guys in their teens and 20’s sought a body to impress the ladies I was perfectly content with studying and playing video games. I’ve always had a high metabolism so weight was never an issue but a few years after marriage I noticed I had gone from my static weight of 165lbs to 192lbs. It was a wake up call for me that things needed to change. I immediately start to research fitness routines that would give me the greatest results with the least amount of effort… yes, I was doing it wrong. The fastest results I saw were in cutting out pop; I lost 7lbs in a week and felt more alert and healthy than I had in years. One average I drank 2-3 pops a day and was shocked at the difference cutting it out of my diet made but knew I had some other changes to make.

Healthy eating was never a big deal in our family growing up. I mocked those who ate organic/grass-fed/hormone-free foods and prodded those who relied on homeopathic remedies to treat issues that could be easily taken care of by over-the-counter and prescription meds. I often joke about 23 year old me wanting to punch 33 year old me in the face for living like I do now (although I’d like to see him try lol) but this drastic change in lifestyle has been incredible. Though I’ve made huge steps in my health I still have little definition to my muscles and a nice squishy layer of fat over what I assume is one incredible 6-pack 🙂 I know I should be getting up before the kids and working out to “stay in shape” but the available time is just not there right now… and that’s okay.

I am always in awe of dads who are up and to the gym at 4am before they head out to a full day in the office. I’m sure they have communicated the importance of their own fitness with their wife and have set up a system where they can get away while the kids sleep without it becoming a burden on the family; this just isn’t the case for me right now. I often spend 3am-5:30am in my 2 year old daughters bed trying to keep her asleep so she doesn’t wake my wife and sons. If I’m able to sneak out I have to do whatever I can in absolute ninja-esque silence or she will wake up and come running out all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Once they are up it’s breakfast, coffee and rushing out the door to make it to work on time. Leaving the house while the kids are “asleep” means leaving the responsibility of caring for the 3 of them when I know she has already had little-to-no sleep from nursing out youngest through the night.

Maybe when the kids are a bit older and all sleeping through the night I’ll make more time to work out but for now I’m content with staying active and eating healthy. “Dad bods” come in all shapes and sizes and I’m doing my best to be proud of what I have knowing the few extra pounds I’m carrying around my mid-section are directly associated with caring for my amazing family… and maybe a few extra beers 🙂

Do you work out regularly? If not, what are you doing to stay healthy?

Sean Leacy

Christ follower, husband & father. Geek extraordinaire, SysAdmin & avid outdoorsman. I love to lead worship & write. #DadLife #RedeemingFatherhood